Thermal insulation Sheet
Thickness ( In mm ) 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 20
Width 1200 mm
Length 20 Meter And As Per Your Requirement
Density 30 kg/m3
Material Chemically cross linked polyethylene foam laminated / Big air bubble film with aluminium foil on one or both side
Chemical Resistance Yes, Resistance To Most Chemicals And Acids
Water & Moisture Resist. Yes, Durability Cross Linked Feature Makes It Water And Moisture
Certified ISO 9001:2008
Chemical Composition Test Certificate Available
Mechanical Properties Test Certificate Available
Color Option Peach / Grey / Black
Material Brand Aerolam / Hira / Supreme / Imported

The need is to cut down the heat from the largest exposed surface area. Integrating reflective insulation into any conventional single or multi layered roofing systems provided efficient and comfortable working environment across industries. The benefit of integration by the roofing solutions provider helps deliver a better wholesome solution for the end uses. To insure better working environment inside, reflective insulation work best to primarily cut down external heat gain by above 90% making it more effective for a more workable environment.

Thermal insulation Sheet Main Benefits:

Thermal bridging reduction between building elements / Non toxic / Non irritant / Requiring no gloves or special handling equipment / Light weight / Easy handle / Economical / Easy to install / Excellent weather ability / Thermal resistance / Limit air flow / Limit diffusion of moisture

Thermal insulation Sheet Typical Applications:

Roofs steel framed constructions / Hangars / Warehouses / Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Roofs non steel framed application / timber framed roofs / Wall stud frame wall / Warehouse metal clad wall / all type of roofing and wall cladding / agriculture / Dairy / Poultry farming industries / Textile units / Spinning mills / Garment factories / Engineering units and much more.