FRP Fiber Sheet
Thickness (In mm) 1.00 To 6.00
Width As Per Your Profile Requirement
Length As Per Your Requirement
Standard ASTM / IS 12866
Resin RL UV / G.P. / Isophthalic / Vinyl ester / Epoxy / Phenolic
Fiber Glass Greater Than 30%
Barcol Hardness 40
Tensile Test Minimum 7000 PSI
Flexural Strength Test Minimum 14000 PSI
Density 1.4 To 1.6
Water Absorption Test Maximum 0.25%
Bolt Shear Test Minimum 375 N
Load Deflection Test Minimum 1100 N
Chemical Stability Very High
Mechanical Strength Very High
Color Option As Per Your Profile Requirement
Material Brand Everest / Imported

FRP fiber sheet is durable and proves as a "Value For Money" product in the long run. FRP fiber sheet roofing & side cladding system Available in different shapes, profiles & colours Translucent non glare and crinkle diffused sheets Industrial Building & warehouse. Fire Retardant Natural Light, Saves Electricity Cost.

FRP Fiber Sheet Main Benefits:

Excellent resistance to moisture, ultraviolet rays, electric shock, temperature, water pressure and all chemical effects like oils, acids, different types of fumes etc. / Durable / Fire retardant / Protection from corrosion / Leakage, rust, rot and prevents warping / Avoid breakage, shattering and chipping / Zero Maintenance / Leak proof / Quick and easy installation / Easy relocatable / It has good thermal and heat insulating property

FRP Fiber Sheet Typical Applications:

Petro chemicals / Fertilizer plant / Cooling Tower Cladding / Coastal area / Hazardous chemical industries / Effluent treatment plant / Salt plant / Heavy rainfall area / Snow area / High temperature working / All roofing area and much more

FRP Fiber Sheet Accessories :

Plain Ridge / Ridge / Crimp Eave / Corner & Gable / Gutter