PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet
Big Corrugation (BC) Thickness: 1.00 mm / 1.50 mm // Width: 1.00 Mtr // Length: 2 Mtr To 3.66 Mtr
AC Corrugation (XL) Thickness: 1.00 mm / 1.20 mm / 1.30 mm // Width: 1.05 Mtr // Length: 2 Mtr To 3.66 Mtr
Greca Corrugation Thickness: 1.00 mm // Width: 1.00 Mtr // Length: 2 Mtr To 3.66 Mtr
Round Wave Corrugation Thickness: 1.50 mm / 2.00 mm // Width: 1.13 Mtr // Length: 8 / 10 / 12 Feet
Tensile Strength 500 Kgs/cm2
In Case Of Fire Self Extinguishing
Thermal Insulation Good
Health Hazards Nil
Usage In Earthquake Zone Safe And Most Ideal Material
Resistance To Acid &Alk. Excellent
Maintenance Nil
Impact And Falling Objects High Impact Resistance
Chemical Composition Test Certificate Available
Mechanical Properties Test Certificate Available
Color Option Natural / Blue / Green / Beige / Ivory / White / Gray / Terracotta Red
Material Brand Lotus / Deon / Imported

We offer PVC Corrugated roofing sheets from RMP (Red Mud Plastic) and PVC Roofing Sheets. PVC as roofing sheets is being manufactured in many advanced countries and is popular due to its exceptionally low density giving high strength to weight ratio, excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties, corrosion resistance, superior flexibility, impermeability to water, gas etc. Opaque Roofing Sheets are distinguished by their attractive colours and smooth finish on both sides. Their unique resistance to weathering render them the ideal material for decorative and tough roofing applications. Daylight Incorporating the best of imported and Indian raw materials, Daylight translucent sheets possess high UV stability, and heat distortion resistance.Daylight has high impact resistance and load bearing capacity.

Pvc Corrugated Roofing Sheets Material Main Benefits:

Fire resistance / Thermal and noise insulation / Chemical corrosion resistance / Impact resistance / Weather resistance / Easy to handling and installing / High flexibility / Environment Friendly and safe / Light weight

Pvc Corrugated Roofing Sheets Material Typical Applications:

Food processing units / Chemical industries / Greenhouses / Farms / Porches / Terrace roofs / Warehouses / Hill areas / Seismic zones / Pre fab houses / All roofing structures and much more