Clip lok roofing sheet
Thickness (In mm) 0.40 / 0.45 / 0.50 / 0.60 / 0.65 / 0.70
Width Standard
Length Standard And Optional
Standard AS 1397
Color Coat Top RMP / SDP / SMP / PVDF / PVC = 15 To 20 Micron
Color Coat Back Epoxy = Light Grey Color Standard = 6 To 10 Micron
Guard Film Optional
Tensile Strength 240 MPa To 550 Mpa
Hardness 55 To 65 HRB
Chemical Composition Test Certificate Available
Mechanical Properties Test Certificate Available
Base Materials PPGI / PPGL / BGL
B M Coating (In gsm) PPGI = Z 70 / Z 90 / Z 120 / Z 150 / Z 275
B M Coating (In gsm) PPGL = AZ 40 / AZ 70 / AZ 90 / AZ 150
B M Coating (In gsm) BGL = AZ 150
Color Option White / Blue / Green / Red / Grey / Option RAL Color Chart
Brand Lysaght / Aditya / Impoted

Clip lok roofing sheets is the new generation of widest-cover concealed-fixed cladding. Made of high tensile steel of 550 MPa yield strength, it spans widest, with better uplift performance than all available comparable profiles. Visually, you get a bold rib that makes a strong statement rising from the flat pans with two stiffeners in between the rib. Our extensive research shows that thermal expansion and contraction can be controlled much better using a concealed fix system. Since the effect is on the longitudinal direction, wider coverage of Clip lok roofing sheets provides the best alternative. It is not only suitable for general environment, but works well in coastal environment. The profile is fixed on a specially designed clip, manufactured from high tensile steel base and designed tower to withhold high wind pressure. During the installation and makes it a superior product designed this provides accuracy, economy and ease to last.

Clip lok roofing sheets Main Benefits :

Continuous length / High strength / Wide color range / Aesthetic value / Invaluable asset in designing and creativity / Reduced fixing time

Clip lok roofing sheets Typical Applications :

Manufacturing units / Warehousing / Supermarket / Service station / Sport complex / Exhibition hall / Residential premises, All type of roofing and cladding of industrial, commercial, agricultural and architectural roofing shed structure domes. And much more.